Self-Archiving Policies

All articles published on the American Journal of Research in Medical Sciences website are protected by copyright held by eJManager Company (or its subsidiaries). This copyright covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article, including in electronic forms, reprints, translations, photographic reproductions, or similar. Except for articles published on an open access basis, the transfer of copyright to eJManager (or its subsidiaries) becomes effective when an article is accepted for publication.

As author of a journal article, you retain the rights detailed in the following:

The Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of your article can be found on the relevant webpage of American Journal of Research in Medical Sciences .

The above permissions apply to authors whose articles are to be published by American Journal of Research in Medical Sciences and authors who have purchased a copy or received a complimentary copy of their published article.

This policy does not apply to pay-per-view customers and subscribers, who should adhere to their respective agreed policies

  1. The publisher-created version can only be posted where a gold access fee has been paid and the article contains an OpenAccess mark.
  2. You may post the preprint anywhere at any time, provided it is accompanied by the following acknowledgement:
    • Preprint of an article submitted for consideration in American Journal of Research in Medical Sciences © [Year] [copyright eJManager] []
    • Preprint of an article published in [Journal, Volume, Issue, Year, Pages] [Article DOI] © [copyright eJManager] []
  3. After publication in web site, you may post the accepted author manuscript on your personal website, your institutional or subject repositories of your own choice or as stipulated by the Funding Agency. Please provide the following acknowledgement:
    • Electronic version of an article published as [Journal, Volume, Issue, Year, Pages] [Article DOI] © [copyright eJManager] [Journal URL]