Award Content for Euro Pharma 2020

Awards 2020 - American Journal of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology (2021)

Award Content for Euro Pharma 2020


Published Date: Mar 23, 2021




Eminent individuals and students are welcome to submit to the conference more than one abstract; the conference will promote every conference presenter. Taking into account the marks provided by the Organizing Committee, Conference Chair and Poster Judge, the highest scoring presentations in each session, i.e. best speaker, best poster, best young research forum awards are recommended. Abstracts submitted will be eligible for the Award automatically. All the results will be reviewed at the conference venue All the prizes will be chosen by the award class jurors. The winners will be formally announced at the closing ceremony.

Best Keynote Speaker Presentation Award

award is given to the paper considered the best in keynote session. This is focused on the Organizing Committee's points, including each chair of the meeting.

Best Organizing Committee Member

Best Organizing Committee Member shall be given outstanding support and guidance to the conference to the one who makes the most significant contribution.

Best Speaker Speech Award

For the most excellent speech throughout the meeting, this award will be given. This takes into account factors such as the influence of the presentation and the motivation and authority of the speaker.

Best Student Presentation Award

The Best Student Paper Award will be awarded to a registered student who is considered to have delivered the conference's best student paper. The award is based on the marks given to each student presentation by the Organizing Committee.

Presentation of the best poster award

The Conference Chair and Poster Judge will review poster sessions and identify the best poster presentation. Members of the Committee determine which poster presentation the Best Poster Presentation Award will receive.

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