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Awards 2021 - American Journal of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology (2021)

Award Content.

Loai Aljerf*
1Damascus University, Syria
*Corresponding Author:
Professor. Loai Aljerf, Damascus University, Syria, Email: [email protected]

Published Date: Apr 30, 2021



With the sole aim to enhance excellence in the field of healthcare, Pulsus group always appreciates the outstanding performers and attendees though its events by offering awards. The organization has categorized the awards based on groups in which participants prefer to join. These categories include Best keynote speaker, best speaker, best thesis work presentation, best poster and best organizing committee member.

Best Poster Award:

poster presentation is a a way of presenting research to audiences in a visual format. It provides unique opportunity to combine visual as well as oral explanation of a topic. The accepted poster abstract is published in supporting international journals with unique DOI. This award also gives an opportunity to publish full work in supporting international journals. Posters are evaluated based on the following criteria-presentation style, research quality and layout. Best speaker award: this award is given to individuals for their excellence in research work and competency of oral presentation.

Best Organizing Committee member award: organizing committee of an event plays a crucial role in the successful execution and completion of event throughout the event duration. This award is given based on affiliation, expertise and experience of the concerned committee member. It also evaluates the ability to comprehend the various sessions along with attendees at the event.

Best thesis work presentation award: this category is awarded to the postgraduate or postdoctoral researchers in response to their research work competency and ability to present.

Best keynote speaker award: it is given to the concerned expert individuals on the basis of their expertise in a particular field and who has wide recognition due to their accomplishments. The selection of individuals is also determined by their ability to draw attendees to attend the event.